Faber-Castell Scholar Pencil HB 6’s


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Faber-Castell Scholar Pencil HB

  • Hardness Degree: HB
  • Eco Pencil wood from sustainable forestry
  • Wooden hexagonal barrels are comfortable and prevent rolling
  • Graphite leads provide smooth, consistent lines
  • Suitable for everyday sketching, drawing and writing
  • 2.2mm leads use secural bonding (SV) process for high break-resistance, reducing sharpening time
  • Non-toxic and safe for kids to use

1111 Black matt graphite pencil HB, pack of 12

The Pencil 1111 convinces of its high quality for writing, drawing and sketching. The barrel is coated in environmentally-friendly, water-based black paint. It is break-resistant due to a special bonding process.