Staedtler Noris Club Wax Crayons 24’s


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Staedtler Wax Crayons

  • Cardboard box containing 12 wax crayons in assorted colours
  • Crayons diameter approx. 8 mm, round
  • Paper sleeve
  • Available in in or 24 brilliant colours

First attempts and the thrill of colouring with wax crayons

Children are fascinated by the possibility of putting colours and shapes on paper using drawing implements. They start out by experimenting with wax crayons in kindergarten. These are particularly break-resistant, which makes them suitable for small children, who sometimes press down too hard because their fine motor skills are still developing.

Various techniques can be used with wax crayons:

  • Encaustic art
  • Drop technique
  • Sgraffito
  • Ironing technique

Since wax crayons are commonly used in schools, STAEDTLER crayons include a name field. This means that classmates won’t get their crayons mixed up with another’s.